Hot Alarm Clock

Hot Alarm Clock 5.3

Create, customize, and organize alarms on your PC

Measure time intervals with a countdown timer and stopwatch, set and edit reminders, create and customize to-do lists. Select music from your collection for your alarms or choose an online radio station. Pick fixed or increasing alarm volume and specify an icon, label, and color for your reminders.

Hot Alarm Clock is much more than a simple, plain alarm clock application. It's actually a complete time management solution that includes powerful features and tools like timer, to-do list, stopwatch, countdown, all kinds of reminders, and many other more.

The best thing about this tool is probably the fact that it lets you create endless reminders, each one fully customizable. You can tweak every little aspect of an alarm, from the sound played or the message displayed upon being triggered, to the assigned icon, label, color, and so on. Even various actions can be associated to an alarm, and groups can be used to neatly organize and categorize the alerts. Since it's so powerful and feature-rich, this handy tool can be used for any task scheduling need, from simple wake-up alarms to reminders for important upcoming events.

Hot Alarm Clock also manages to be really easy-to-use thanks to its intuitive interface. Actually the interface is not only straightforward and simple to handle, but also elegant and skinnable. Detachable widgets are also available.

To cut a long story short, Hot Alarm Clock is a powerful tool that can be useful to anyone and not just to those with very busy schedules. It's a feature-rich tool that comes with a simple-to-use interface and it also gets my appreciation.

Margie Smeer
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  • Skinnable interface
  • Many extra options and additional functions
  • Reasonable price


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